Meet KMD


Kimberly McDonald’s signature #ilikerocks represents a lifelong passion. A passion expressed in her namesake collection. In the 13 years since she opened Kimberly has expanded her reach from fine jewelry to now include clothing and accessories as well as eco-referenced home products which all revolve seamlessly around a deep appreciation of the melding of the rough and the fine in life as it is in nature.

Kimberly McDonald (aka KMD) launched in 2007 in New York City, following her freelance career as a curator of private clients’ fine jewelry collections. Composing collections left a mark on her, sparking the creation of a brand where every one-of-a-kind piece carries a story and invites connection. A reflection of her connection to stones and natural materials, connection between the collector and a piece, between KMD and trusted suppliers, between the company and the planet. Connection is a hallmark of the brand and a love of all things natural is more than a foundation for her work as a designer; sustainability is integral to the brand’s existence.

Creation without destruction is just how we operate. We seek out the finest natural materials, reclaimed gold, and recycled diamonds to handcraft the collection in the United States with sustainability in mind. Kimberly’s design aesthetic has always focused on letting the natural speak for itself, so these environmentally respectful practices evolved organically. “I’m proud that I have such strong relationships with every level of the process—from miners to craftsmen. Each piece is made with care and respect.”

The Kimberly McDonald collection has received overwhelming support and recognition from editors, stylists and celebrities alike. To count Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Cindy Crawford, Victor Cruz, Carrie Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Amy Adams, Cameron Diaz, Steph Curry and more as loyalists is a privilege. The Smithsonian National Museum of American History houses Kimberly’s one-of-a-kind diamond-embellished ring that was part of the Jason Wu dress that Former First Lady Michelle Obama wore to the Second Inaugural Ball.

“I hope that when people experience one of my pieces, not only are they transfixed by the beautiful stone and craftsmanship; I hope that they are also inspired to be a little more mindful and a little more protective of the planet that provides these magnificent little treasures that we wear as talismanic symbols of beauty and transducers of energy.”