I’d love to be perfectly honest here. I hired a talented branding agency in Manhattan (The O Group) because I felt a little "stuck." Not stuck as a designer. Stuck in how to convey what the Kimberly McDonald brand is all about. I felt that even I sometimes had trouble articulating what inspires me—I just couldn’t find the words. I told myself that it was from several years of being asked, "What inspires you?" and giving the same (true but repetitive) response. Have you ever said something so many times that you forget how impactful it is? I wasn’t forcing myself to really consider the question.

So this talented group grilled me on what’s important. In life. In business. Inside my head. I begrudgingly answered, wondering what the purpose was. Some weeks later, they came back to me with a campaign that could convey what I couldn’t find the words for: “Dig Deeper.” I loved it instantly.

It described in two words so much of what I want for myself, my brand and my clients. Possessing soul and character. Radical beauty. Defying convention. Individuality.  The idea of digging deeper has depth; it has spiritual and social inference. And if you're not into might just symbolize adding another piece to your collection!

We’ve just launched a new website that I’m incredibly proud of. We’re excited to share some amazing stories with you here, beginning with our new Dig Deeper campaign! 

If you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy exploring our new site, and I hope that you’ll participate in #DigDeeperKMD. 


I really enjoyed shooting this video with the amazing team at LoveGold. We spent the day in my LA Boutique and then the next morning at my design space. 

I think they did a fantastic job of capturing the brand essence and the points that are most important to me as a designer. I love the vibe, the music, and their fabulous transitions that show how beautiful natural materials can reference other parts of nature so seamlessly. 



"2.0" in the shelter and later at home

"2.0" in the shelter and later at home

Philanthropy is an important aspect of our approach here at KMD, spearheaded by Kimberly’s personal interest in the welfare of animals – be it wildlife or domestic pets. We offer support to a number of rescue groups, especially in Southern California, where Kimberly resides. But more can always be accomplished to ensure better care for these animals.

With that in mind, we want to take the time to shed some light on animal shelters throughout the country. Regrettably, some shelters are what are known as “High Kill” facilities – with over 50% of the dogs and cats at such shelters being put down. In response to this crisis, we have formed relationships with various rescue groups across the Southern California area (San Bernardino, Downey, Orange County), that take a proactive approach to the rescue of animals from High Kill shelters, working diligently to place them in foster homes and permanent homes. Kimberly herself frequently fosters pups in her home. Rescuing shelter pets saves lives and brings incredible joy to new owners and pets alike. Please do consider rescuing an animal, if you’re looking for one to join your home.

Also, it is our goal to actively support the fight for “No Kill” legislation. “India and Italy are no kill countries,” notes Kimberly, “I see no reason why, through strict legislation on breeding companion pets, spaying and neutering, and stronger penalties for abuse and neglect, we cannot become a No Kill Nation as well.” 


Back when I attended my first gem show, the Kimberly McDonald brand was just an idea in my head. I was just driven to find reputable gem stone suppliers. I spent days going from booth to booth, and during that time stumbled upon a true friend, Michael Seigel. 

Michael was one of those guys that I call a Rock Nut. He knew EVERYTHING about rocks, and that was especially true of those that he mined. Michael grew up in New York, deciding early on to dedicate himself to the search for fascinating natural materials. He held beliefs similar to my own toward sustainable mining practices. I was fortunate to spend time with Michael every year at the show until his passing in 2012, and I will never forget his stories. 

Michael believed in Nature. He believed that you could ethically extract beautiful materials without violating the planet. He never used machinery or dynamite, and he didn't believe in leaving the land a mess. I’m so grateful to have caught on video the essence of Michael’s feelings about creation. I wanted to share his story with you today, because Michael epitomized Digging Deeper. I hope you enjoy his thoughts. 


Relationships are everything. For Kimberly McDonald, the relationships we have with our suppliers are essential. We couldn’t conceive of doing business with people that we don't trust or believe in. Our Opal dealer, for example, is part of a family that’s been in this business for generations. In fact, I believe that they're the oldest Opal miners and cutters in the world in terms of longevity. He keeps a special box on his desk that's labeled the "Kimberly" box – and inside he places all of the unusual materials that he knows will appeal to Kimberly (and our clients!)

Over the time we’ve known him, he’s shared amazing stories of the Outback. Recently, he told us about how many small mining operations are losing their leases on land because of fossil fuel extraction. What does that mean for the future of Opals? It means that it may become more difficult to find these really beautiful minerals. We’re really lucky to have access to the incredibly high quality that we do—and it’s all because of our relationships. We can only hope that families like our dealer are allowed to continue to mine and respect the land, and to unearth these talismans.